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you sat in the crisp green grass as the mallow sun shone on your calico fur a strange cat walks near you saying " WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON FALLING OAK TERRITORY YOU COULD GET YOUR SELF KILLED" u leap off just lucky to be alive


username: fuzzysockcat mate: none yet description: a kind hearted oak colored cat


none yet

elite warriors:

none yet




none yet


none yet


none yet

joining form

OC Name:







(Only if warrior, med-cat, snake hunter or runner) Are you interested in getting an apprentice?:

RP Example (Must be longer than a few sentences):

Previous Clans/Packs:

Why did you leave the clans/packs?:

Why do you want to join the clan?:

How many warrior cat books did you read?:

Alliance Form (You can't ask to become an enemy, enemies are made during the rp):


Leader and Deputy:

Leader and Deputy Usernames:

Members in the clan/pack:


Light or Dark realmed:

How will fallenoakclan benefit?:

How will your clan/pack benefit?:

Leaving Form (Although why would you want to leave heh heh... ) :

OC Name:

Reason for leaving:

How we can improve:


1. Follow the warrior code

2.Follow the dress code

3. Don't start unnecessary battles

4. Only leader and medicine cat can make prophecies

5. No rogue/loner/kittypet names

6. No double-clanning

7.Listen to the leader, deputy, co-deputy and medicine cat

8. You can't have names containing Star, Moon, Silverpelt. You will be asked to change the name if you try to join the clan with it.

9. Cats should know what the prefix and suffix of your name are. Don't do Skull, Skeleton, Void or anything like that. (The only big cat names you can use is Tiger and Lion, no Leopard, cheetah, puma or jaguar)

10. Don't powerplay

11. No anatomy! You will be warned once and after that you will get thrown out of the clan

12. Have fun but also be serious when needed

13. Be active!

14. Please use one of these badges if you're a member:

Leader = Star

Deputy = Lightning

Medicine Cat = Leaf

Warrior  or Runner = Wing

Apprentice = Paw

Queen = Heart

Kit = Flower

Elder = Clover

15. No you can't join as a leader or deputy as these ranks can only be earned. If joining as a medicine cat you must be ready to get tested on your herb handling skills.

16. You can't move up a rank unless the leader allowed you to do it/did the ceremony in the rp.

17. After your OC stays in the rp for 6 irl months he or she will have to be moved into the elders den as we can't have immortal cats here. It takes about five irl days until a kit can become an apprentice (unless they joined as a 6 moon kit) and about two - three weeks for an apprentice to become a warrior.

18. If you're inactice without warning the deputy or leader, you will be thrown out of the clan after five days of inactivity.

19. If you're online try to come to Patchstars den maybe there are other clanmembers there!

20. You can have two OCs in the clan however if you're inactive on one you will be made to choose between the two, the second will be deleted for inactivity

21. Medicine cats can have a mate however if any kits are produced they will be given away to another queen or she-cat to be taken care by.

Latest activityEdit

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